This is the readme for the models associated with the paper:

Lombardo J, Harrington MA (2016) Non-reciprocal mechanisms of up- and
down-regulation of spinal motoneuron excitability by modulators of
KCNQ/Kv7 channels. J Neurophysiol

These NEURON models were contributed by J Lombardo and includes
contributions from previous models available in modeldb (see paper for


Either auto-launch from ModelDB or download and extract this archive
and compile the mod files, and then start with

nrngui mosinit.hoc

on the command line for unix/linux or double click on the mosinit.hoc
in file explorer for
mswin. See
for more details on downloading and running the model.

After the model starts click on one of the buttons in the window
Set and run window
and then the run button.

The CTRL, gKM=0, RETIGABINE, buttons produce (respectively)
CTRL figure
gKM=0 figure
retigabine figure
similar to Figure 4 in the paper.

XE991 produces the following:
XE991 figure