NEURON mod files from the paper:

Peter Hemond, Daniel Epstein, Angela Boley, Michele Migliore, Giorgio
A. Ascoli, and David B. Jaffe (2008) Distinct classes of pyramidal
cells exhibit mutually exclusive firing patterns in hippocampal area
CA3b.  Hippocampus 18(4):411-424

In the paper, this model was used to identify how relative differences
in K+ conductances, specifically KC, KM, & KD, between cells
contribute to the different characteristics of the three types of
firing patterns observed experimentally.

The simulation ca3b-cell1zr.hoc reproduces most of the traces in Fig.9
of the paper.

Under unix systems:
to compile the mod files use the command 
and run the simulation hoc file with the command 
nrngui ca3b-cell1zr.hoc

Under Windows systems:
to compile the mod files use the "mknrndll" command.
A double click on the simulation file
will open the simulation window.

Under MAC OS X:

Drag and drop the ca3b folder onto the mknrndll icon in the NEURON
application folder.  When the mod files are finished compiling drag
and drop the mosinit.hoc file onto the nrngui icon.

Questions on how to use this model
should be directed to

After you start the simulation you can press on the figure buttons,
for example, pressing on Fig 9B leads to:

Bug and fixes:

Added the value for the I-h reversal potential (ehd_hd = -30), which
was missed from the original hoc file used to generate Fig.9. Minor
adjustements of the current injections were needed to obtain the same
patterns.  Apr-14-2008, M.Migliore