These model files are associated with the paper:

Two-Photon Na+ Imaging Reports Somatically Evoked Action Potentials in
Rat Olfactory Bulb Mitral and Granule Cell Neurites
Tiffany Ona-Jodar, Niklas J. Gerkau, S. Sara Aghvami, Christine
R. Rose, and Veronica Egger. Front. Cell. Neurosci. 11:50 2017

These files were contributed by S. Sara Aghvami. (ipulse1.mod came
from the NEURON web site). These files require the NEURON simulator
which is freely available at and jupyter notebooks
which is freely available from

To run the simulation on a mac download and extract this archive.

Compile the mod files by cd'ing to the extracted folder and typing


Start the jupyter notebook by running the command:
jupyter notebook

Click on the GC-gna.ipynb file in your browser once the jpuyter
notebook has started.

You can select to run all cells from the menu items in the
browser. Close each figure to see the next one and this series of
figures will be generated:

screenshot 1

The below corresponds to figure 4E in the paper:
screenshot 2

screenshot 3