This is the readme for a model associated with the paper:

Gidon A, Segev I (2012) Principles governing the operation of synaptic
inhibition in dendrites. Neuron 75:330-41

This NEURON model was contributed by Tom Morse, who acknowledges the
help of A. Gidon in supplying information about the excitatory synapses
although the result is more general than that.

In the paper figure 1 a simple neuron whose shape contains a dendrite
with a soma at one end is examined.  It has a "hotspot" of excitatory
activity 0.6th of the way from the soma (0) to the distal end (1).
Traces are shown in Figure 1B for two cases 1) where there is
inhibition near the soma and 2) where there is inhibition on the
distal end of the dendrite.

A model was re-created to examine the firing rate of the simple neuron
under the papers conditions (and a variety of inhibition strengths)
and the papers Fig1B result and conclusion is supported.

The code was run on the Louise cluster which is part of the High
Performance Computing Cluster at Yale. Use:

qsub -q general

to start.

Once the job finishes the matlab scripts and commands by hand to select
a subset of all the inhibitions tested can be run to generate the
following figure which compares the firing rate shown in the traces of
Figure 1B to different inhibitory strengths at the distal and proximal
ends of the dendrite:

Fig1B models firing rates

The lines that are drawn on the graph that represent fig 1B in the
paper are the estimated firing rates measured from fig 1B:

proximal inhibited firing rate: 32 spikes/2000 ms = 16 Hz
distal inhibited firing rate: 12 spikes/2000 ms = 6 Hz