This repository contains the reference implementation of the model
proposed in Schellenberger Costa and Weigenand et al. 2016, available

This repository is also available here where they may be a newer

For convenience we utilize MATLAB for data processing and
plotting. Therefore the simulation comes with an additional
source-file Thalamus_mex.cpp that can be compiled within MATLAB to
utilize their C++-mex interface.

The easiest way to reproduce the figures in the paper is to simply run
the Data_Thalamus() function in the "Figures" folder within MATLAB,
assuming the mex interface is set up. Afterwards simply run the
respective plot functions for the different figures.

Additionaly the figures folder provides the Thalamus.ode file, that
defines the model for the bifurcation analysis in xppaut.

Please note that due to the stochastic nature of the simulation the
time series will differ.