This is the readme for the model associated with the paper:

Salimi-Badr A, Ebadzadeh MM, Darlot C (2017) A system-level mathematical model of Basal Ganglia motor-circuit for kinematic planning of arm movements. Comput Biol Med 92:78-89

This model was contributed by A Salimi-Badr.

To run simulation:

  1. Type "parameters" at the matlab prompt which will run 'parameters.m' to load parameters values.
  2. Type "BG" at the matlab prompt to prepare to run 'BG.slx' which is the main simulation.
    simulation screenshot
  3. Run the simulation (might take a few minutes). Some '*.mat' files are created which contain information on the movements. This will also generate a figure of healthy arm motion:
    healthy screenshot

  4. To see the motions, run 'animation.m'.
    You will see the arm move efficiently to locations such as these:
    arm1 screenshot

    arm2 screenshot

  5. To simulate parkinsonian condition, set g in 'parameters.m', lower than 1 and greater than 0.
    If you set g = 0.01 for example, and rerun the simulation; the arm trajectory graph then looks like (also can rerun animation to display the motion deficits). :
    pd screenshot