This is the readme for the model associated with figure 15 from the paper:

Appukuttan S, Brain KL, Manchanda R (2017) Modeling extracellular fields for a three-dimensional network of cells using NEURON. J Neurosci Methods 290:27-38

This model was contributed by S Appukuttan. It is written in the NEURON simulator which is freely available from

If you need more help than given below in running the simulation please consult this page:

Auto-launch from modeldb (if NEURON installed and the browser is configured) or download and extract the archive and start with a command like

nrngui init.hoc

on unix/linux, or start the init.hoc file on mswin or mac os x.

Click the RunAll button. After a minute the simulation completes and a figure similar to figure 15 in the paper is displayed:

nrn screenshot

Also a file called PeakDepol.dat will be created which you can graph with your favorite graphing program. The matlab program included in this archive:
was used to make the publication figure 15. It requires a program fixPSlinestyle.m from the matlab file exchange to re-write an output fig.eps file however will generate a figure onscreen without it. The graph generated should look like this:


20180604 S Appukuttan contributed the matlab plotting program plotDepolarization.m

20180605 S Appukuttan updated the neuron graph colors to match the matlab plot.