This is the readme for the model associated with the paper:

Mukunda CL, Narayanan R (2017) Degeneracy in the regulation of short-term plasticity and synaptic filtering by presynaptic mechanisms. J Physiol 595:2611-2637

This NEURON code was contributed by CL Mukunda. The NEURON simulator is freely available from

The model contains Na, KDr, KA, CaL, CaN and h-currents. AMPA receptor at the spine has been implemented with GHK equations. Most of the .mod files were obtained from previous studies except stp.mod, which implements Neurotransmitter dynamics at the terminal and cleft.

Output will be written to a "data" folder. Running the file "BPF.hoc" generates .txt files consisting data of EPSCs at spine, voltage at soma and terminal, Calcium concentration at the terminal, Neurotransmitter concentration at terminal and the synaptic cleft, for 1-50 Hz frequency stimulation. The EPSCs are inverted as per convention of inward currents being negative. High pass and Low pass filter profiles can be simulated by plugging in the values mentioned in the paper.

EPSC_1.txt file is an example data generated by running BPF.hoc

Note that the mod files must be compiled prior to running BPF.hoc. If you need more help to run the model please see
The included matlab file plot_ca_data plots this data in a format similar to Figure 2 C: