Mitral cell model with four compartments

(soma/axon, secondary dendrites, primary dendrite shaft, primary
dendrite tuft)

from: Davison AP, Feng J and Brown D. (2000) A reduced compartmental model of
      the mitral cell for use in network models of the olfactory bulb.
      Brain Research Bulletin 51(5): 393-399.

Run the model using the file mosinit.hoc after compiling the .mod files.

The graphs from fig. 6 in the paper can be reproduced by clicking the buttons
labelled "Stimulate soma with 0.2 uA/cm2" etc.:


A panel allows the parameters p, q, r, g_pg, g_sp, g_sd, alpha_s and alpha_g
to be varied.

Please note there are some typos in the paper:
(1) The current balance equation for Vd should be
	Cm Vd' = -Ileak - INa - IKfast + (gsd/s)(Vs-Vd)
	Cm Vd' = -Ileak - INa - IKfast - (gsd/s)(Vs-Vd)

(2) In Table 1, g_pg should be 4.08 x 10^-4, not 4.08 x 10^-3

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 2022-05: Updated MOD files to compile with the latest neuron releases where
          ion variables used as STATE can not be declared as GLOBAL.