This is the readme for simulation code associated with the paper

Djurisic M, Antic S, Chen WR, Zecevic D (2004) Voltage imaging from dendrites of mitral cells: EPSP attenuation and spike trigger zones. J Neurosci 24:6703-14

This model was contributed by Dejan Zecevic.

This model requires NEURON which is freely available from


To run the model (linux/unix) compile the mod file with a command like


or for mswin or mac use makenrndll. Start with the mosinit.hoc file (linux):

nrngui mosinit.hoc

or by double clicking (mswin) or dragging and dropping (mac). If you need more help to run the simulation on your platform please consult this page:

After running the model you should see the propagation of a passive EPSP into the tuft compartments similar to Fig 3G trace 3 in the paper:


This model entry includes a mitral cell morphology with a detailed reconstruction of a tuft (slightly more elaborate than the one depicted in Fig 3G in the paper) depicted below in a shape plot with show diameter shape style selected