This code is by Jan M Schulz, University of Basel, 2017-2018
(Based on the model by Mark Cembrowski in Bloss et al., 2017)
associated with the paper:

Schulz JM, Knoflach F, Hernandez MC, Bischofberger J (2018) Dendrite-targeting interneurons control synaptic NMDA-receptor activation via nonlinear a5-GABAA receptors. Nat Commun 9:3576

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The enclosed code distributes excitation and inhibition across the dendritic arbor of a CA1 pyramidal neuron and tests the effect of altering the properties of dendritic GABAergic inhibition on dendritic integration and NMDA receptor-mediated depolarization.
To load in the NEURON simulation environment:

  1. Download and install NEURON ( if needed
  2. Compile the Alpha5_NMDA_CA1_oyr directory via mknrndll. For help, see: MSWindows: MacOS:
  3. Launch start_simulation.hoc.
  4. To change between the different simulations (i.e. Fig.8, Fig.S8 and S9), uncomment the respective hoc file in start_simultation.hoc

Running start_simulation.hoc in its default configuration (for example "nrngui start_simulation.hoc" on linux/unix) will lead after 10 minutes or so to images similar to figure 8 in the paper:


If you need more help running the model on your platform please consult: