This is the computer model associated with the paper:

Boxwell A, Terman D, Frank M, Yanagawa Y, Travers JB (2018) A computational analysis of signal fidelity in the rostral nucleus of the solitary tract. J Neurophysiol 119:771-785

This XPP ode file was contributed by D Terman. XPP is freely available for windows, mac, linux, (and phones and tablets) from

It contains excitatory and inhibitory neurons with the parameters given in table 1 in the paper.

Example use:

Start with "xppaut boxwell.ode" (linux, or equivalent on your platform) and select Initalconds -> (G)o. After a few seconds the inhibitory membrane voltage trajectory should appear:


Select "Xi vs t" and change VI to V. You should see the excitatory neuron voltage trajectory:


If you want to change the axis limits you can use Window/zoom -> Window.