This is the readme for the model file associated with the paper:

Hoshino O, Kameno, R, Watanabe K (2019) Reducing variability in motor cortex activity at a resting state by extracellular GABA for reliable perceptual decision-making. J Comput Neurosci

This c-program was contributed by O Hoshino. It was originally built using Microsoft Visual C++ and also works in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 (create a new project, add the c file to it, and build and run).

More usage instructions:

  1. Set input current to the sensory network by giving a proper value to "int_inp0_3". "onset_0" and "period_0" define its onset time and duration.
  2. Set times for output data by giving values "OUT" (starting time) and "PERIOD" (recording time-period).
  3. Run. The default (as provided) settings of the model is for figure 2A.
  4. Output data files (***.dat) give membrane potentials of pyramidal cells (and local GABA concentrations in N_S that are kept at the basal level).

20191118: Note from ModelDB administrator: The web page has a recipe for installing the free Visual Studio Community 2017 (applicable to the 2019 version):

After installed, start the Visual Studio power shell in the start menu. Change directory to this expanded archive's folder, then compile and run by typing:

cl /W4 .\ASMAfmd6.c

(takes a few minutes to run) A matlab data file reader (type "file_reader" on the matlab command prompt) provides a sample plot of output traces from selected basket cells: