“NIDAQ Tools MX” and Igor Pro (both from Wavemetrics) are necessary to compile and run the code.



•Functions “InitDAQ” and those containing “DAQmx” in their name are not Igor Pro

standard, but derived from Wavemetrics NIDAQmx package.


•The code header is not an Igor Pro standard header:

_NIDAQmxWaveScanProcs - Wavemetrics NIDAQmx package;

_NIDAQmxWaveFormGenProcs - Wavemetrics NIDAQmx package;

_Strings “ksNIDAQmxPath” and “ksNIDAQmxPathParent” refer to folders in the system containing the Wavemetrics NIDAQmx package.


Please refer to NIDAQmx manual (https://www.wavemetrics.net/doc/NIDAQmx.pdf) for further support.