These simulations accompany the publication:

Schmidt-Hieber C, Jonas P, Bischofberger J (2007)
Subthreshold Dendritic Signal Processing and Coincidence Detection 
in Dentate Gyrus Granule Cells. J Neurosci 27:8430-8441

For installation instructions, see INSTALL.txt

Simulations have been tested using NEURON 5.9 and 6.0 under
Windows and GNU/Linux. The gnuplot script has been tested with
gnuplot 4.2 (

Once the simulation starts you can click on buttons in the gui

screenshot gui

to generate selected figures in the paper:

Figure 6a
screenshot 6a

Figure 6b
screenshot 6b

Figure 6c
screenshot 6c

Figure 7ab
screenshot 7ab

Figure 7ac
screenshot 7ac

Figure 7d
screenshot 7d

Figure 8ab
screenshot 8ab

Figure 8cd
screenshot 8cd

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Description of files:
./gc.hoc                   Starts the simulations. Requires mod files to be compiled.
./asin.mod                 arcsine function, forwarded to hoc from math.h
./spines.mod               Introduces spine area scale factor as a range variable
                           Optionally, spine counts can be used as a range variable
                           as well (count_spines).
./synampa.mod              Synaptic conductance change with a biexponential time course.
./share/calcSpines.hoc     Calculate spine area scale factor from spine counts. Corrects
                           for spines hidden behind the shaft in 2D projections.
./share/config.hoc         Simulation configuration settings.
./share/controlpanel.hoc   Main control panel allowing cell and figure selection.
./share/figures.hoc        Procedures reproducing figures.
./share/fixnseg.hoc        d_lambda rule implementation.
./share/genutils.hoc       Some general-purpose routines.
./share/spine.hoc          Creates a spine, consisting of a neck (spine[0]) and a
                           head (spine[1])
./share/template.plt       Template script file for creating a gnuplot script that
                           will show a 3D plot as in figure 6D.
./cell_x/membrane.hoc      Loads cell morphology and connections, initializes spines,
                           inserts passive membrane properties. Uses a class "cell_x"
                           so that you can easily toggle between cells or use multiple
                           objects for network simulations.
./cell_x/morpho.hoc        Loads morphology and spines without making use of a class.
                           Intended for standalone use of cells.
./cell_x/morpho.txt        Coordinates and diameters of 3D points as plain text. Needed
                           by membrane.hoc to load 3D morphology from a procedure.

Cell templates now adhere to the "NetworkReadyCell" syntax - fixed some minor bugs. Schmidt-Hieber.

* Added a new cell (cell_9) and an artificial cell (cell_10) that were not
  part of the original 2007 publication.
* Added CA1 PC model (cell_11) for consistency. See
  Golding NL, Mickus TJ, Katz Y, Kath WL, Spruston N (2005)
  Factors mediating powerful voltage attenuation along CA1 pyramidal neuron
  dendrites. J Physiol 568:69-82.
  To run the original simulations as shown in the paper, use the original model from