This is the readme for the model code associated with the paper:

Tseng SH, Tsai LY, Yeh SR (2008) Induction of high-frequency
oscillations in a junction-coupled network. J Neurosci 28:7165-73

These model files were supplied by Shin-Hua Tseng.

Usage notes:

The simulation model code was created in NEURON 6.2

(NEURON is available from

Follow the below procedure to easily observe oscillation results:

Either auto-launch from ModelDB or download and extract the archive
and then under


Compile the mod files by running mknrndll
([Start]->[Programs]->[Neuron 6.2]->[mknrndll]), cd'ing to the extracted
folder and selecting to make the nrnmech.dll file.  Then start the
simulation by double clicking on the mosinit.hoc file while using the
windows explorer or run [Start]->[Programs]->[Neuron 6.2]->[nrngui],
Change to model directory (from NEURON main menu select [File] ->
[working dir]), and then load the load "mosinit.hoc" hoc file from
NEURON menubar [File]->[load hoc]


Drag and drop the HOF folder onto the mknrndll icon.  Drag and drop
the mosinit.hoc file onto the nrngui icon.


Compile the mod files by cd'ing to the extracted folder, HOF, and type

nrngui mosinit.hoc

Once the simulation interface has started:

From [RunControl], press [Init&Run] to show simulation results.

You should see a figure appear that looks like:


which contains similar data as was used to create figure 2d:


You can use 
gap_r function to change gap junction resistance of each neuron pair
    gap_r() will show its usage.
Set_ST to adjust stimulation interval and strength
    Set_ST() will show its usage.