This is the README for a model associated with the paper:

Chapman JB, Johnson EA, Kootsey JM. (1983) Electrical and Biochemical
Properties of an Enzyme Model of the Sodium Pump 
J. Membrane Biol. 74, 139-153

This implementation was created by Michael Hines.

Generates figures 2-12. Fig 9 unidirectional fluxes were computed using
equations 13,14 from
Feher JJ, Biophys J. 1984 June; 45(6): 1125b

The lines are not labeled but they are easy to
compare with the figures in the paper.

The mod file can be simplified by removing the calculation and storage
of the individual forward and reverse fluxes, i.e. rf[] and rb[].  For
use in a more complex model, this mod file should be modified with
USEION statements to use na and k ion concentrations and generate ina
and ik. The dynamic directory shows an example of this by extending
the Chapman et al simulations using nai, ki, and atp as states, which,
in the presence of leak channels for na, k and non-specific ions,
produce reasonable na and k gradients. See dynamic/README.

Simply auto-launch from ModelDB or compile the mod files under


Use mknrndll (change directory to the one expanded from the archive
and click "make nrnmech.dll").  Then run by double clicking the
mosinit.hoc file in a windows explorer.


Drag and drop the expanded folder from this archive onto the mknrndll
icon.  Drag and drop the mosinit.hoc file onto the nrngui icon.


Change directory to the expanded folder and type these two lines:
nrngui mosinit.hoc

Once the simulation is started

Simply press the buttons to reproduce figures.  For example pressing
the "Figure 2-3" button leads to: