The modFoss package for ion channel analysis as described in the paper

Ferneyhough GB, Thibealut CM, Dascalu SM, Harris FC (2016)
ModFossa: A library for modeling ion channels using Python.
J Bioinform Comput Biol 14:1642003

is available in github:

After building the python package you can run the examples provided in
the samples folder.  For example running


and will produce graphs like:
figure 1
figure 1-1
figure 1-2
figure 1-3
figure 1-4

Note from the ModelDB administrator:

When I was following the install instructions for modFoss on an ubuntu
16.04.01 in my home bin folder (/home/morse/bin) I found it helpful to
export these

export CPATH=/home/morse/bin/sundials-2.6.2/instdir/include/
export LIBRARY_PATH=/home/morse/bin/sundials-2.6.2/instdir/lib
in addition to their suggested
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/morse/bin/sundials-2.6.2/instdir/lib