1994 Purkinje Cell Model


Inhibitory Network Model

Download the 'GENESIS' scripts for this model (tar-file)

You can dowload the 'Genesis' scripts used to simulate a one- or two-dimensional network of inhibitory neurons (Maex and De Schutter 2003). After untarring (tar -xvf inhibitory_network.tar ), you find a README file and three directories (each having an additional symbolic link), containing the scripts implementing the inhibitory neuron (inhibitory_neuron) and the one- and two-dimensional networks (inhibitory_network_1D and inhibitory_network_2D). The directory inhibitory_network_1D contains a README file with additional instructions.
Although online graphical inspection of a running simulation is possible, we recommend to display the output spike trains (produced by spikehistory objects) offline with a graphical tool such as the xplot program available in the subdirectory src/contrib/xplot of the Genesis2.2.1 release.

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