The parameters are set to replicate Fig 6D in

Canavier CC, Oprisan SA, Callaway JC, Ji H, Shepard PD. Computational
Model Predicts a Role for ERG in Repolarizing Plateau Potentials in
Dopamine Neurons: Implications for Modulation of Neuronal
Activity. J. Neurophysiol 98:3006-3022. 2007

The output is the time followed by the state variables for voltage,
fraction of activated ERG channels, activation of the calcium channel,
calcium, activation of the H current, and fraction of inactivated of
the ERG channels.


To run the programs in linux/unix, after extracting the files and
cd'ing to the directory you can type:

make koprisan
./koprisan > output.dat

and then make plots for example with octave

load output.dat
plot (output(:,1),output(:,2))

which shows the voltage time series:

voltage trace