This is the readme for the model for the paper:

Lytton WW, Omurtag A, Neymotin SA, Hines ML (2008) Just in time
connectivity for large spiking networks Neural Comput 20(11):2745-56

These files were supplied by Bill Lytton.

These NEURON files only run on the linux/nix platforms.

This simulation is primarily an illustration and is not well optimized
for actually running large networks.

jitcon.mod contains a large amount of C level code, understanding of
which requires some knowledge of Neuron internals

To run either auto-launch from modeldb or download and extract the
archive. In the extracted directory type

nrngui mosinit.hoc

Once the simulation is running. Click the click here to run button.
About a minute later a graph like this will hopefully appear


The simulator also launches a GUI panel that can be double clicked to
look at cell traces

See headers of jitcon.mod and bstick_net.hoc for extensive (though
alas not complete) commentary.

October 25th, 2009
This version of the model was updated by Michael Hines to run under