Matlab scripts for simulation of synaptic depression at the Calyx of Held

These scripts were used for the simulations in the paper: Hennig MH, Postlethwaite M, Forsythe ID and Graham BP (2008). Interactions between multiple sources of short term plasticity during evoked and spontaneous activity at the rat calyx of Held, J Physiol.

The following files are included in this archive:

fig2.m: Main simulation script, reproduces figure 2 in the paper (type "run fig2" after cd'ing to CalyxSTPModel folder):


mean_epscs.mat: Experimental data.

releasef.m: Function to simulate the EPSC amplitude during stimulation with a predefined spike train.

synOde.m: The ODEs of the model, called by releasef.m.

Mattias Hennig
Last modified: Sat May 3 22:01:48 BST 2008