This is the readme for the model associated with the paper

Morita K (2008) Possible role of dendritic compartmentalization in the
spatial working memory circuit. J Neurosci 28:7699-724

"SWMdend1.m" is a code for a single simulation trial of the circuit model.

It can be tested as follows: (as described in the top part of the
M-file itself)

[stim, x0, out, soas] = SWMdend1([100 100],[0 200 400],...
[pi/12 0 1],[pi/12 0 15],1.6,[pi/8 0 24 0.05],[0.1 5 0.1], ...
[pi/12 0.3 0.1 0.1],0.05,[]);

this creates figures that are similar to Fig 6B, for example:





"simulation_example.m" is a code for systematically running
"SWMdend1.m" for a large number of parameter sets.

"SWMdend1.m" includes codes for drawing figures, but they would be
problematic for a large scale simulation, because there will appear
too many figures.