These are models associated with the paper:

Lundstrom BN, Famulare M, Sorensen LB, Spain WJ, Fairhall AL (2009)
Sensitivity of firing rate to input fluctuations depends on time scale
separation between fast and slow variables in single neurons J Comput

These model files were supplied by Dr. Brian Lundstrom.

The hh3d.c code defines a 3D simplified HH neuron model with a slow Na
inactivation gate.  This file contrains the parameters to implement
the model in Figure 11 of the above reference.

The hh2TypeAnoiseTau.ode program is a simplified 2D HH model formated
for use with xppaut.  The parameters correspond to Figure 8 in the
above reference.  For example figure 8C:


can be recreated by clicking on Par/Val? on the lower right and entering


Then click Initialconds -> Go
Continue -> Continue until:50

Click on the middle Par/Var? at the bottom and enter:


Click on Continue -> Continue until:100

Finally select Window/zoom -> (F)it
These model files updated March 4th 2009.