ReMoto - Simulation system of spinal cord motor nuclei

(source code and working version available at

This project was developed by Rogerio R. L. Cisi and Andre F. Kohn,
from the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory - University of Sao Paulo,
Brazil, under the financing of FAPESP (Sao Paulo, Brazil). The paper
describing the system is:

Cisi, R.R.L., Kohn, A. F. "Simulation system of spinal cord motor
nuclei and associated nerves and muscles, in a web-based
architecture". Journal of Computational Neuroscience, 2008

See also the ReMoto Introductory Page and a broader tutorial in PDF.

The system is available for anyone to use it, provided a citation of
the paper above is given in any publication that relies on results
obtained from this simulator. Any suggestions for improvement are
extremely welcome. Please contact: or