This is the readme for the models associated with the paper

Varkonyi PL, Kiemel T, Hoffman K, Cohen AH, Holmes P, On the
derivation and tuning of phase oscillator models for lamprey central
pattern generators, J. Computational Neuroscience, 2008 25:245-61

This is a collection of matlab-based simulations that provide several
figures of the paper. In this paper, we derive phase oscillator models
for the lamprey central pattern generator from two biophysically based
segmental models. We study intersegmental coordination and show how
these models can provide stable intersegmental phase lags observed in
real animals. To obtain Figure xxx, 'FIG_xxx.m' should be evaluated.

For example:

Running FIG_2_6_7 produces Figures 2, 6, and 7 after about 12 minutes
on a 3.2 GHz 2GB Xeon. Figure 6 for example will look like:


The model files were contributed by Peter Varkonyi.