This is the readme for the model from the paper

Markaki M, Orphanoudakis S, Poirazi P (2005) Modelling reduced
excitability in aged CA1 neurons as a calcium-dependent process
Neurocomputing 65-66:305-314

These model files were supplied by Dr Poirazi.

The model files were changed slightly after the paper however they
reproduce the traces in Figure 3.

Auto-launch from ModelDB or download and extract the archive and then

Compile the mod files with "nrnivmodl mechanism" , then start with
"nrngui mosinit.hoc"

Compile the mod files with mknrndll.  Move the nrnmech.dll up one
level to the top level directory.  Double click on mosinit.hoc in a
windows explorer.

Once the simulation has started press the run button to generate
figures similar to the traces in Figure 2 (increased Ca2+):


20120201 cadL.mod cad.mod cadN.mod updated to derivimplicit as per