This is the readme for the NEURON model from the paper:

Ferrante et al, Computational models of neuronal biophysics and the
characterization of potential neuropharmacological targets. Curr Med
Chem. 2008;15(24):2456-71.

In this paper, the model shows how different types of neuroactive
drugs and drugs interactions influence the signal generation,
integration and propagation. Specifically Fig.4E.hoc produces a plot
of the somatic voltage traces shown in Fig. 4E of the paper.

Under linux/unix systems:
to compile the mod files use the command 
and run the simulation hoc file with the command 
nrngui fig.4E.hoc

Under Windows systems:
to compile the mod files use the "mknrndll" command.
A double click on the simulation file
will open the simulation window.

Under MAC OS X:
to compile the mod files drag and drop the extracted folder onto the
mknrndll icon. Drag and drop the mosinit.hoc file onto the nrngui

Once NEURON started you can press the "(1-4) Gray - Control" button.
Then when the simulation is done click on the graphs upper left pull
down menu box and select "Keep lines".  Finally, press the button
labeled "(1) Black - Lamotrigine", and you should get a graph that
combines the black and gray traces of Fig. 4E and looks something


Questions on how to use this model
should be directed to