The NEURON model code associated with the paper:

Meuth P, Meuth SG, Jacobi D, Broicher T, Pape HC, Budde T (2005) Get
the Rhythm: Modeling Neuronal Activity Journal of Undergraduate
Neuroscience Education (JUNE) 4(1):A1-A11

used to be available at the supplementary material links here:
however they are now being made available in this archive along with a
copy of the pub.html

To run the model, download and extract this archive. Compile the mod
files in the folder that you would like to run and start by using
either the mosinit.hoc file or the instructions in the appendix in the
paper. Also, for additional help see

If you autolaunch from ModelDB (which runs the Neuron.hoc in folder 4) you
can change the current to 3.2:
(IClamp window)
and then pressing Init&Run will display a figure similar to Fig 4A in
the paper:
(voltage graph)