This is the readme for the matlab files associated with the paper:

Simony, E., Bagdasarian K, Herfst L., Brecht M., Ahissar E, Golomb D.
Temporal and spatial characteristics of vibrissa responses to motor
commands (2010). J. Neurosci. 30, 8935-8952.

Written by Erez Simony, June 2010.

This program simulates the transformation from motoneuron spikes to
whisking rotation angle(theta) and to center of mass translations, x
and y.  If you are using this code, please cite the above the paper.

Simulation files:

test_motor_plant.m : run this file in order to simulate the plant. the
                     parameters set (small or large) should be enable
                     in the code.
motor_plant_parameters_small_angles.m : parameters set for small whisker angles
motor_plant_parameters_large_angles.m : parameters set for large whisker angles
motor_plant.m                         : intialize all data structures
motor_plant_ode.m                     : ODE file 

Output1: currently it reproduces Fig 4B (model)
screenshot 1
screenshot 2
for 2 spikes with ISI:17msec (together with x and y ) make sure that
"motor_plant_parameters_small_angles" in "test_motor_plant.m" is
enabled (uncommented at the front of the script;  this is default)

Output2: it reproduces Fig 5C (model), for 3 spikes with ISI:15msec
(together with x and y ) make sure that
"motor_plant_parameters_large_angles" in "test_motor_plant.m" is