This will reproduce Figure 9 of Gabbiani and Krapp (2006) 
J Neurophysiol 96:2951-2962.

The figure simply shows that a leaky-integrate-and-fire model cannot
reproduce spike frequency adaptation as it is seen experimentally in 
the LGMD neuron.

The figure and its inset are reproduced by the matlab m-file, sim_fig_sub.m

screenshot 1
screenshot 2

To run this m-file, you will first need to convert the c-file lif_ad.c
to a MEX file by running the following command after you have changed
directory to the folder created when this archive is extracted:

MATLAB_HOME/bin/mex lif_ad.c

MATLAB_HOME refers to the root directory of the MATLAB implementation. 
In a Unix operating system, this command can be run from a shell. 
In Windows, in the dos command box, type
mex lif_ad.c
Please refer to the MATLAB help on MEX files for other operating systems.