Matlab files for the reproduction of the results described in

"A simple integrative electrophysiological model of bursting GnRH
neurons" by David Csercsik, Imre Farkas, Erik Hrabovszky and Zsolt
Liposits Journal of Computational Neuroscience

(DOI) 10.1007/s10827-011-0343-y

This 45MB model archive is available through this link


c:\matlabdata is used for storage of some data files, and long term
simulation results

copy the files in folder "matlabdata" to c:\matlabdata, and add the
other files (also the ones in "datadef" to the path)

"AP_compare_1.m" - simulation file for the comparison of simulated and
recorded action potentials (short term Current clamp), as in Fig 4a:

"sim_SD" - for the simulation of somato-dendritic propagation

"sim_DS" - for the simulation of dendro-somatic propagation

"blockers_compare_AHP" - simulation file to compare the AHP in the
			  case of different channel blockers of
			  various Ca-dependent K currents"

"blockers_compare" - simulation file for the comparison of vairous
simulated firing patterns in response to a 2 sec long -15 pA current

"DAP_compare_4" - simulation file for the comparison of DAPs in the
case of various numbers of preceeding APs

"sim_GnRH_Izi_4_VC" - simulation under voltage-clamp conditions

"sim_central_4" - Central file for the simulation of bursting and
long-term behavior

before the burst simulation, if you wish to use own artificially
generated AMPA inputs, an AMPA input trace has to be generated in
c:\matlabdata with "gen_AMPA_trace". GABA inputs are taken from data
files.  (AMPA_trace_1,2 etc may be used also)

"GnRH_Izi_VC_series" - for the simulation of series of voltage steps

use "par_def_GnRH_Izi_4.m" to modify the parameters