This is the readme for GENESIS computer code associated with the paper:

Bhalla US (2011) Multiscale interactions between chemical and electric
signaling in LTP induction, LTP reversal and dendritic excitability.
Neural Netw

These scripts were provided by Dr Upinder Bhalla.

The cell (electrical compartmental model) is in ca1_7.p The associated
channels are in proto17.g. You may recognize this as closely based on
earlier GENESIS models for traub91.

The signaling model for the spine in Figure 5 is in psd41b.g
The signaling model for the dendrite is in kinloop12a.g in most cases.

Exceptions are panels 5 F and 5G. In these panels the model is

For Figure 4, I used the same cell models, but the dendrite model was
K_A_test.g and there was a dummy model for the PSD, psd_dummy.g


In each case there are substantial MOOSE script files to drive the
multiscale model, which is specific to a particular old version of
MOOSE.  I am working to port these over to the latest MOOSE and will
update the database when done.

As mentioned above although one needs the MOOSE script files to drive
the multiscale simulations, the GENESIS code can be used to run the
models individually.   For example if you run

genesis psd41b.g

and start the simulation you should see a result similar to


Note: you will need to run genesis with kinetic kit 11 which is
available here: