ReadMe File for Matlab code that accompanies:

JH Goldwyn, JT Rubinstein, E Shea-Brown (2012).  A point process
framework for modeling electrical stimulation of the auditory nerve


* Current.m -- Defines a vector of (time-varying) electric current
                       values used as input to the point process model

* Parameterize.m -- Runs the parameterization routine described by
                       Goldwyn et al. to compute the (unique) model
                       parameter values associated with five response
                       statistics provided by the user (Relative
                       Spread, Chronaxie, Summation Time Constant,
                       Threshold, Jitter)

* RunPointProcess.m -- Simulates the point process model described by
                       Goldwyn et al.  User can define current input
                       and model parameters through Current.m and
                       Parameterize.m.  Output of this script is the
                       total number of spikes (SpikeCount), a vector
                       of the sequence of spike times (SpikeTrain),
                       and a histogram of interspike intervals.


Execute RunPointProcess.m at the Matlab command line by typing
"RunPointProcess" and you should see a figure like:


This default run corresponds to the parameters in Table 1 and has the
same parameters as used throughout the manuscript.

Make desired changes to parameter values in the script.  Modify the
current input by altering the function Current.m