NEURON files from the paper:

Fast and accurate low-dimensional reduction of biophysically detailed
neuron models A. Marasco, A.Limongiello, and M.Migliore
(2012). Sci. Reports 2:928:1-7


Compile the mod files and run REDUCTION1.0.hoc for the main simulation
or MaxStimPROCEDURE1.0.hoc for the estimation of the maxstim parameter
for a specific morphology to use in REDUCTION1.0.hoc

The REDUCTION1.0.hoc simulation file allows to play with the method's
parameters (see SoftReduction1.0.doc).

Example run: After the simulation starts press the "Run the Full &
Reduced Models" button, then select geoc70863.hoc in the morphologies
folder, the simulation will reproduce the traces in Fig.1B (left) of
the paper:


Written by A. Limongiello, 2012

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