This is the model associated with the paper

Lavzin M, Rapoport S, Polsky A, Garion L, Schiller J (2012) Nonlinear
dendritic processing determines angular tuning of barrel cortex
neurons in vivo. Nature 490:397-401

This model was contributed by Alon Polsky.  The code is written in
NEURON which is available for free from

Usage: Auto-launch from ModelDB or compile the mod files with mknrndll
(mac, mswin) or nrnivmodl (linux/unix).  Start the program by double
clicking mosinit.hoc (mswin), drag and dropping mosinit.hoc onto the
nrngui icon (mac) or typing "nrngui mosinit.hoc" (linux/unix).  Here
is a short description of the panels:


Axon,soma,dends - Conductance of sodium and potassium voltage gated
channels in the axon, the soma and the dendritic tree can be adjusted
using the corresponding panels. L type calcium conductance was
distributed homogeneously and can be controlled with the CaL value.
Iterations -- parameters that determine synaptic distribution:
Downlimit,UPlimit and Countlimit are used in iterations in which the
number of synapses is changed from Downlimit to Uplimit in Countlimit
TC Ratio -- multiplier of the number of thalamocortical
synapses. (1-number matches the current iteration number, 0 -- no TC
CC Ratio, Inhib Ratio -- same as TC Ratio for excitatory and inhibitory
cortico-cortical connections
Calc -- clicking on the button runs the simulation
New Loc- redistribution of the synapses, randomly over the whole
dendtiric tree

Delay -- start of synaptic activation
Amp -- mean conductance of a single synapse, in nS. Individual synaptic
conductances are picked from a lognormal distribution with standard
deviation of Amp.
Tspike -- Interval between presynaptic pulses (ms)
Nspike -- number of presynaptic pulses
Nnoise -- presynaptic randomness -- 0 for precise timing, 1 for random
Syn # number of synapses (adjusted automatically for each iteration
when calc button is pressed).
Random synapses are constantly active and provide the background, non
specific to thalamic, activation.

This code was used to generate figures S8, S9 and S13 in the
supplementary information.

Example of activation of the model cell by 40 ThalamoCortical (TC), 12
excitatory CorticoCortical (eCC) and 20 inhibitory CorticoCortical
(iCC) synapses that were randomly distributed across the dendrites.

fig 1
Figure 1: Left - somatic voltage. Right - synaptic location. Blue
circles - TC, Red circles - eCC and Green circles -iCC. Squares -
background 'noise' synapses.

fig 2
Figure 2: Peak cai (internal calcium) profile across the cell. Some
dendrites exhibit 'hot spots' of high calcium entry

fig 3
Figure 3: Peak Vm is more homogeneous than the calcium signal. Sodium
channel conductance was set to zero to prevent bAPs.