NEURON mod files from the paper:

Miceli et al, Genotype�phenotype correlations in neonatal
epilepsies caused by mutations in the voltage
sensor of Kv7.2 potassium channel subunits, PNAS 2013 Feb 25. [Epub ahead of print]

In this paper, functional studies revealed that in homomeric
or heteromeric configuration with KV7.2 and/or KV7.3 subunits, R213W and 
R213Q mutations markedly destabilized the open state, causing a dramatic
decrease in channel voltage sensitivity.
Modeling these channels in CA1 hippocampal pyramidal
cells revealed that both mutations increased cell firing frequency,
with the R213Q mutation prompting more dramatic functional
changes compared with the R213W mutation  The fig4a.hoc
reproduces the traces shown in Fig.4a of the paper.

Under linux/unix systems:
to compile the mod files use the command 
and run the simulation hoc file with the command 
nrngui fig6a.hoc

Under Windows systems:
to compile the mod files use the "mknrndll" command.
A double click on the simulation file
will open the simulation window.

Under MAC OS X:
to compile the mod files drag and drop the extracted folder onto the
mknrndll icon. Drag and drop the mosinit.hoc file onto the nrngui

Once the simulation is started you can select the desired simulation.

Questions on how to use this model
should be directed to

20150524 Update from Ted Carnevale: In cad.mod fixed ca initialization
by inserting cai = ca into INITIAL block.  Changed integration method
from euler to derivimplicit which is appropriate for simple ion
accumulation mechanisms.  See Integration methods for SOLVE statements