This code accompanies the publication:

Schmidt-Hieber C, Hausser M (2013)
Cellular mechanisms of spatial navigation in the medial entorhinal
Nat Neurosci 16:325--331

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Currently, only the compartmental stellate cell model [1] is included.
I will add the oi and can model implementations at a later time.


Install NEURON, ideally with Python support:


1. Compile the mechanism files in the mod directory:
   $ nrnivmodl nrn/mod

2. Run the demo:
   $ ./x86_64/special demo/test_rin.hoc -


   $ python demo/

The demo runs with 11 injected current pulses from -0.05 to .45 nA in
steps of 0.05.  When the demo is finished (takes a few seconds) you
should have a graph that looks like this:


[1] Morphology based on:
D. L. Garden, P. D. Dodson, C. O'Donnell, M. D. White, M. F. Nolan
Tuning of synaptic integration in the medial entorhinal cortex to the
organization of grid cell firing fields.
Neuron 60, 875 (2008).