This is the readme for the model associated with the paper:

N. Vladimirov, Y. Tu, R.D. Traub. Synaptic gating at axonal branches, and
sharp-wave ripples with replay: a simulation study. EJN

This model was contributed by Dr. Nikita Vladimirov. These simulations require NEURON which
is freely available from


1) Run mknrndll module of NEURON in the folder you have unpacked. It will create dlls of
mod files, necessary for NEURON execution.

2) Run one of the top-level NEURON files by clicking Init & Run after starting one of the
below with a command like:

nrngui mosinit_1PC_1IN.hoc

Auto-launch from ModelDB runs the above if your browser is configured properly and you
press the auto-launch button in the showmodel page. Some graphs that were created are
shown below for the respective files:

- mosinit_1PC_1IN.hoc
screenshot 1PC 1IN

- mosinit_16PC_1IN.hoc

screenshot 16PC 1IN a
screenshot 16PC 1IN b

- mosinit_81PC_9INforward.hoc
screenshot 81PC 1IN forward a
screenshot 81PC 1IN forward b

- mosinit_81PC_9INforw_reverse.hoc
screenshot 81PC 9IN forward&backward a
screenshot 81PC 9IN forward&backward b

- mosinit_1PC_1IN_silent2firing.hoc
screenshot 1PC 1IN silent2firing

- mosinit_1PC_1IN_myelinatedAx.hoc
screenshot 1PC 1IN myelinatedAx

Have fun.
Nikita Vladimirov