This is the readme for the model associated with the paper

Park C, Rubin JE (2013) Cooperation of intrinsic bursting and calcium
oscillations underlying activity patterns of model pre-Botzinger
complex neurons. J Comput Neurosci 34:345-66

This model written in XPP was implemented by Jon Rubin and Choongseok

XPP is freely available at

To run the model in it's default setting start with a command like
(depends on your platform):

xppaut OneCellTwoOsc.ode

Once XPP starts select Initalconds -> (G)o to see an figure like this:


Inside XPP, use File -> Read set with the included set files to get
certain dynamics from the paper:

OneCellTwoOsc.ode.setsb <-> the paper's Fig. 2a,
fig 2a

OneCellTwoOsc.ode.setdb <-> the paper's Fig. 2b,
fig 2b

OneCellTwoOsc.ode.setsdb <-> the paper's Fig. 2c
fig 2c