The XPP code associated with the paper:

Vo, Tabak, Bertram, Wechselberger "A Geometric Understanding of How
Fast Activating Potassium Channels Promote Bursting in Pituitary
Cells", J. Comput. Neurosci., 36:259-278, 2014

is available at this website:
and specifically this link:
These web pages were accessed last June 10th, 2014.

Note from the ModelDB administrator: to run with XPP version 7.0 I
found I needed to change bell=off to bell=0 on one of the last few

The model when run in its default setting:

(On my linux system)
$ xppaut JCNS_14.ode
and then clicking on
Initialconds -> (G)o

produced a graph similar to Fig. 2C:


The parameters for the many other paper figures are given in the