Model files in the NEURON simulation environment from the paper

"Effect of the Initial Synaptic State on the Probability to Induce
Long-Term Potentiation and Depression" by Michele Migliore, Giada De
Simone, and Rosanna Migliore Biophysical Journal (2015),

Auto-launch from ModelDB or:
Compile the mod files with mknrndll (mswin or graphical mac) or
nrnivmodl (unix/linux)).  Start the simulation by (unix/linux) typing
on the command line:
nrngui mosinit.hoc

or (mac os x) drag and dropping the mosinit.hoc file on the nrngui
icon or (mswin) double clicking on the mosinit.hoc file.  The
simulation starts by running fig1C.hoc.  The file fig1C.hoc reproduces
the simulations shown in Fig.1C of the paper. Example: clicking on run
on the initial window should produce the following graph for TBS LTP:


Questions on how to use this model should be directed to