# *** general description
Simulating and analysing plastic recurrent networks as in:
[1] Sadeh, Clopath and Rotter. Emergence of Functional Specificity in
Balanced Networks with Synaptic Plasticity. PLOS Computational Biology

# *** list of files
(1) network_simulator.py
Simulates a network of integrate-and-fire neurons with plastic
synapses using Exact Integration

(2) params.py
Default set of parameters in (Table 1 of) [1]

(3) network_run.py
Uses network_simulator.py and runs a simulation of a plastic recurrent network.

(4) plot_figures.py
Reads the results from network_run.py and plots Figures 1 and 3 in [1]

# *** to simulate the network and plot the figure(s):

First run (3): simulates the network and saves the results;

then run (4): reads the results and plots Figures 1 (top below) and
3 (2 bottom below):

Figure 1

Figure 3ABC

Figure 3DEFG

# ***