This is the readme for the model associated with the paper:

Kim Y, Hsu CL, Cembrowski MS, Mensh BD, Spruston N (2015) Dendritic
sodium spikes are required for long-term potentiation at distal
synapses on hippocampal pyramidal neurons. Elife

This model was adapted based on previously published models (as
described in the paper). The neuron was reconstructed from a
55-day-old male rat.

This model requires NEURON which is freely available at


Auto-launch from modeldb or download and extract the model.  Compile
the mod files in fullMorphCaLTP8 subfolder with nrnivmodl (unix/linux)
or mknrndll (mswin or max os x).  Use "start.hoc" to start the program
("nrngui start.hoc" on unix/linux, double click start.hoc in windows
explorer (mswin), or drag and drop start.hoc onto the nrngui icon

After the simulation runs for a couple of minutes you should see the
following figures which are similar to those in figure 8 in the paper:


Questions can be directed to Ching-Lung Hsu (hsuc at, Mark Cembrowski (cembrowskim at
or Nelson Spruston (sprustonn at

20150830 New version supplied by Ching-Lung Hsu corrects typos and
simplifies init.hoc to omit caimax.mod, caiPeaks.mod, and vmax.mod
from model.