Spike Propagation through the Dorsal Root Ganglion

Two versions of the model of an un-myelinated, C-fiber sensory neuron

Sundt D, Gamper N, and Jaffe DB. Spike propagation through the dorsal
root ganglia in an unmyelinated sensory neuron: a modeling study. J
Neurophysiol. 2015 Dec 1;114(6):3140-53

The two versions, located in separate folders, generate Figures 5d and
8c. Figure5d varies M-channel density and illustrates where the
reflecting spike generated. Figure8c illustrates the effect of the
Na/K pump on membrane potential and spike failure at the T-junction.

Running the simulations
Here is a sketch of how to run the programs.  There is more help available at

1. Compile the ".mod files" within the mods folder.

2. For each version of the model, compile the mod files within the mod
folder (Figure5d/mods & Figure8c/mods).

3. For either version (Figure5d.hoc or Figure8c.hoc), run the
simulation using the "special" executable.

4. Data output, Fig5doutput.dat or Fig8coutput.dat, can be viewed
using the python scripts provided (Plot5d.py and Plot8c.py,
respectively). You should see the following graphs:

figure 5d
figure 8c