This code reproduces the simulations described in the paper

"Simulation neurotechnologies for advancing brain research:
Parallelizing large networks in NEURON", Lytton et al. 2016, Neural

Two versions of the model are provided, one using NetPyNE and a
simplified version without using NetPyNE.

NetPyNE is a python package to facilitate the development, parallel
simulation and analysis of biological neuronal networks using the
NEURON simulator. More information:

* NetPyNE version:
Three different networks are included: using only Hodgkin-Huxley cells
(, Izhikevich cells (, and a hybrid one with both
cell models ( Note that for the Izhikevich net you will
need to compile the mod file via: nrniv izhi2007b.mod.

To test the simulation choose which parameter file to use in
and run the file:
- single processor: python -i
which should produce this image like figure 2 in the paper:

- in parallel: mpiexec -n 4 nrniv -mpi -python 

* Simplified version without NetPyNE:
This version only generates the network of Hodgkin-Huxley type
cells. To run the simulation, execute the file
- single processor: python
- in parallel: mpiexec -n 4 nrniv -mpi -python 

For questions/comments email: Salvador Dura-Bernal
(salvadordura at or Bill Lytton (billl at