This is the readme for the models associated with the papers:

Connelly WM, Crunelli V, Errington AC. (2016) Passive Synaptic
Normalization and Input Synchrony-Dependent Amplification of Cortical
Feedback in Thalamocortical Neuron Dendrites.
J Neurosci.  Mar 30;36(13):3735-5

Connelly WM, Crunelli V, Errington AC. (2015) The Global Spike:
Conserved Dendritic Properties Enable Unique Ca2+ Spike Generation in
Low-Threshold Spiking Neurons. J Neurosci.  Nov 25;35(47):15505-22.

This model was developed in Neuron 7.2.

The GUI will provide one click options to run certain simulations from
the above papers. Data is saved to tab delimited *.dat files which you
can then plot in other software.

mosint.hoc, along with rlgntc5-10-95.geo provide the model

proc.hoc provides a small number of helper functions.

analysisProc.hoc provides a large number of simulation control
functions. Some of these are used in the paper, and some are not.

Example run:

After compiling the mod files and starting the simulation with
has help if needed) if you press the "Generate Fig. 9C" button (2015
paper) the data file is generated and saved in a txt file in a minute
or so. You can use your favorite program to plot this. The sample
included matlab program simple_plot will graph this:


20200925 by Connelly WM:  analysisProc.hoc fixed
so that the model entry code generates Fig 6D and 8H
from Connelly et al., 2016

20200925 by NTC:  NMDA_Mg_T.mod INITIAL block fixed 
so that initialization brings transition 
U <-> UMg
to steady state. Prior to this fix, NMDA_Mg_T needed at least 50 ms of
model time to settle before it became ready for "synaptic activation."
The fix produces trivially small changes in the numerical results
generated by this model entry and does not alter the authors'
published findings.