This python package reproduces simulation results from

Miceli, Ness, Einevoll, Schubert (2017) Impedance Spectrum in Cortical
Tissue: Implications for Propagation of LFP Signals on the Microscopic
Level.  Eneuro 4:1-15.

Questions can be addressed to Torbjorn V Ness: torbness at

To use run the simulations, the NEURON mechanisms (*.mod) must be
compiled.  If NEURON is correctly installed this can be done on Linux
and OS X by opening the folder "hay" in a terminal and writing

You also need LFPy to run the simulations:

To reproduce simulation results in Figure 3 and 4, open this folder in
a terminal and write


The following figures (spike.png, synaptic_852.png, and
white_noise.png) will be generated and stored in the top level folder: