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You can download this 20170517 date version from modeldb however it is
recommended that you download COREM from github where the authors
provide their most recent version:

COREM is a configurable simulator for retina modeling that has been
implemented within the framework of the Human Brain Project (HBP). The
software platform can be interfaced with neural simulators (e.g.,
NEST) to connect with models of higher visual areas and with the
Neurorobotics Platform of the HBP. The code is implemented in C++ and
computations of spatiotemporal equations are optimized by means of
recursive filtering techniques and multithreading.

Most retina simulators are more focused on fitting specific retina
functions. By contrast, the versatility of COREM allows the
configuration of different retina models using a set of basic retina
computational primitives. We implemented a series of retina models by
combining these primitives to characterize some of the best-known
phenomena observed in the retina: adaptation to the mean light
intensity and temporal contrast, and differential motion sensitivity.

The code has been extensively tested in Linux. The software can be
also adapted to Mac OS. Installation instructions as well as the user
manual can be found in the wiki). COREM is the result
of a research work and its associated publication is:

Martínez-Cañada, P., Morillas, C., Pino, B., Ros, E., & Pelayo,
F. (2016). A Computational Framework for Realistic Retina
Modeling. International Journal of Neural Systems, 26(07), 1650030.

COREM is licensed under GNU General Public License. See included
LICENSE file for more information. Some components of the source code
are also licensed under CeCILL-C.