This is the readme for the model associated with the paper:

Mahapatra C, Brain KL, Manchanda R (2018) A biophysically constrained computational model of the action potential of mouse urinary bladder smooth muscle PLOS One

This model was contributed by C Mahapatra and requires NEURON which is freely a available from

Fig 10A of the paper. Following a synaptic input, our model, in its default setting, is able to generate spike type action potential with an after depolarization riding on the repolarization phase. The conductance, rising phase and falling phase time constants for the synaptic conductance (see Exp2Syn) are set to 0.0095 μS, 15 ms, and 25 ms respectively.

How to run:
Compile the mod files (mknrndll on mswin or graphical mac os x, nrnivmodl on linux/unix) and then start detrusor.hoc (nrngui). If you need extra help please consult

Click the "Init & Run" button. You should see a graph (similar to figure 10A in the paper):


By changing the conductance, rising phase, and falling phase time constants values, this model can generate different types of spikes which are shown in Fig 11C.